Setup reCaptcha in joomla 3.x

ReCaptcha is a very popular captcha plugin. It is in use all across the web. It is a very hight quality tool. To use reCaptcha in your Joomla 3.x site(at here, i use joomla 3.4.0), we will do these step:
Step 1:
Access to site:
If you have not an account yet, let create an account, then click to Get reCAPTCHA In Register a new site, fill necessary parameters. If you work on localhost fill: Lable: localhost Domains: localhost joomla-recaptcha Click to Register, site will create for you 2 keys: Site key and Secret key joomla-recaptcha2 Step2 : Login as admin, chose Extension-> Plugin Manager-> Captcha - ReCaptcha
- Status: set to Enable
- Version: chose 2.0
- Site key, Secret key: fill key we get in step 1.
- Theme: you can chose current theme available. joomla-recaptcha3 Step 3: Chose System-> Global Configuration-> Default Captcha, chose Captcha - ReCaptcha joomla-recaptcha5 Be sure to test ReCaptcha to ensure it is working! You can do this by visiting your user registration page. At the bottom of the page, you should see ReCaptcha, as it appears in this screenshot: joomla-recaptcha4 If you use earlier version Joomla 3.4.0, you can overried folder: yoursite/plugins/captcha by folder captcha of joomla 3.4.0, it still work well