How to purchase our product

This article will guide how to purchase our product, i use ST Lhiver- Fashion Shop Joomla Templates for example. 1. Chose package you want use: Silver or Gold, then click to DOWNLOAD 1 2. Chose Continue Shopping if you want purchase a different template,  click Checkout if you want payment 2 3. Login a. If you have not an account, you have to create an account, fill all field in page: 3 then click Next b. If you had an account, click to login 4 a new window appear to login 5 fill E-Mail address or Username and Password to continue 4. Payment a. If you want pay with PayPal, chose PayPal and click to Proceed to Checkout 6 If you have Paypal account, chose: Pay with my Paypal account, fill emal and password to continue 11 If you want use credit or debit card, chose Pay with my creadit or debit card, input necessary parameter to continue 12 b. If you want pay with Moneybooker, chose Moneybookers and click Proceed to Checkout, fill all field in this page, and click Continue 7 Input value to Date of birth and input your new password, then click Create Account 9