How to link Menu to Module on a one page joomla template in our products

You want  when click to menu, page scroll to module you want in a one page joomla template, here is the way to do it.
I use template st_Vela in page joomla mobile template for example.
1. Go to Menu-> Main Menu-> chose a Menu you want-> Link Type->Link CSS Style, input a value here, for example it is: .st-our-work(remember have  '.').
2. Go to Extension-> Module Manager-> Module you want scroll to-> Module-> Module Class Suffix, input value you have just input in Link CSS Style, so it will be: st-our-work( with out '.')
Summary: Link CSS Style in Menu must same with Module Class Suffix in module( Link CSS Style have '.' before, Module Class Suffix have no '.' before).
Have a nice day!