Joomla SalesForce Integration

Joomla Salesforce integration - There are various components available in Joomla which allows you to integrate Joomla with SalesForce

What is SalesForce?

SalesForce is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software which allows companies to focus on its customers as well as their budget at the same time.

It provides a complete view of your customers shared in real time with support from both management and marketing teams. It allows you to keep track of CRM database and close more deals. Salesforce CRM supports integration with well known tools like Microsoft Office and Outlook. It also provides fast, easy access online, offline or through mobile devices. Salesforce provides effective opportunity management and forecasting analytics tools. It offers unique analytics and invaluable access to small, medium and big picture with a single click. It helps executives to take big decisions based on the appropriate data.

What Is Joomla?

Joomla is free and open source content management system (CMS) which allows you to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Joomla is written in PHP uses OOP (Object Oriented Programming) techniques and software design patterns. I t stores data in a MySQL database and include features such as RSS feeds, page caching, blogs, polls, search and support for language internationalization.

Joomla SalesForce Integration

There are various components available in Joomla which allows you to integrate Joomla with SalesForce .These components are as follows-

1) JoomForce

JoomForce is the Joomla and Salesforce CRM integration component. It allows you to capture your Lead or Contact in a simple manner. You have to just click on Synchronize button in Joomla to get all your SalesForce Leads or Contact Fields into your website and form is populated automatically. Whatever the data or form filled up by customers in your website are directly inserted into SalesForce CRM.

2 ) RsForm Pro

It allows you to create RSFormPro forms including using custom Salesforce fields and send all captured information to Salesforce. Notifications can be sent by e-mail to administrators and to users, and each notification can be highly customized.

3) Leads Capture for Salesforce (JLeadsCapture)

Leads Capture plugin allows you to capture data (Name,Email) into Leads in Sales Force CRM when a contact information are submitted through Joomla contact form. It is very easy to setup.