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    How can I put my own logo on the Magazine template?

    I have tried to insert my own graphic via the ‘Logo’ module, but it resizes to a smaller image.
    How can I change the template to accept my own logo at the size I want, without it resizing?

    Thanks in advance.




    Hi !
    I’m so sorry you for this delay.
    Because in file css we have use property width of logo, could you give me your site to check and fix for you.

    Best regards



    With ‘Firebug’ I see the line of code listed below,

    #avatar-pos-top-left {
    width: 25%;

    ‘Firebug’ lists this as line 230 at, but I cannot seem to find If I tempory change the value (within Firebug) to width 50%, all seems OK.

    If you could have a look here’s a temp login:

    Username: MPW
    Password: mpw

    URL: here

    Thanks in advance….



    Sorry, just sorted!
    All I had to do was change ‘Top Left’ Setting in template dimensions.




    Hi… i have same problem too about the logo
    I already try to change the top left setting until 100%
    it’s okay about the logo width but the logo height still doesn’t fit

    please help me



    Hello yongkihart,

    I sorted this problem by changing the following;

    1: Using ‘Firebug’ inspect logo and find this line of code.

    .avatar-template-logo a {
    display: block;
    min-height: ???px;
    text-indent: -99999em;
    width: 100%;

    Firebug will report this at ‘template.css (line 2528)

    2: Next I used ‘FileZilla’ and navigated to templates/st_magazine/css. Highlight ‘template.css’, then right click and choose ‘View/Edit’ (I use Notepad++). Find line 2528 and change the value of ‘min-height: ???px;) to the height of your logo to the height of your logo (where I have put ???). Save this in ‘Notepad++’, and do the same in ‘FileZilla’….

    Hope this helps - worked for me!!

    Note: Having done this, and also changed the ‘Top left pecentage’- to 40%, I noticed that logo was to wide to display on mobile device. I then had to reduce width of logo to around 325px to display properly.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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