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    Does anyone have successfully install the quick start package of the ST Birdsign ?
    I have install the quick start of the ST Birdsign with username differs from “admin”, the installation comes to the page “Installing…” and the progress bar stuck at the 3rd step: “Installing sample data” and never finish. It hangs like that for several hour even after overnight. I have try several times, with database user as root, or even create a new database user just for this database, still no success. Anyone have successfully did the installation, please give me the advice what I did wrong, I despaired!
    p.s I have some screenshots but unable to attach them here



    I had troubles with st_edu quick start - Joomla version there was little outdated and conflicting with my version of PHP 5.5.
    Check your server settings.




    Hi you !
    Sorry for this delay.
    Which versions do you set up are free or pro ?
    I tested on my local and it still works well.
    Please try to download and set up again
    Good luck !
    Toan Pham

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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