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    We bought the ST Ain template for Joomla and it works pretty well! But one thing is a bit annoying: If there are pages, where you have to scroll, the left column with the menu and the logo disappears and you have to bring it back with this “bar”-button.

    I don´t see any sense behind this behavior, because you don´t earn more space for the content, when the left column disappears.

    So where is the trigger, to change this behavior? I could not find the right place in a css or js file.
    I just want to get the left column fixed - no matter if the page is scrollable or not.
    Of course, there still should be the possibility to hide the menu, if some user wants this.

    Thanks for your help and keep up the good work!



    Hi forloveisaid !
    In coding, I set the position of the menu and logo for every resolutions such as the window is height than 769px, The menu and logo are fixed.
    To modify it, please open the file “template.css” in your folder “http://your_site/templates/st_ain/css”
    - Find to line 3031 and you see the coding block:
    @media (max-height: 769px)
    #avatar-position-stick-left-top, #avatar-position-stick-left-middle {
    position: absolute;
    Change it ” position: absolute;” by “position: fixed;”
    And test again on your site.
    Note: If you have any problems, please create a new ticket at here
    Best regards !
    Toan Pham

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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