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    i write here because i’m getting some errors with st Tyneo template.
    After installing (without Quick Start package) the template, if i try to create a menu without installing MegaMenu plugin, i get an error (it seems requires that plugin).
    After i install the plug in Megamenu. It gives me a little error (language file missing), but it should be ok.
    When i active the plugin, it gives me that error in the backend:


    and this error in frontend:


    JSite -> initialise() @ C:\xampp\htdocs\prova2.5\index.php:30
    JApplication -> initialise() @ C:\xampp\htdocs\prova2.5\includes\application.php:116
    JApplication -> triggerEvent() @ C:\xampp\htdocs\prova2.5\libraries\joomla\application\application.php:230
    JDispatcher -> trigger() @ C:\xampp\htdocs\prova2.5\libraries\joomla\application\application.php:642
    JEvent -> update() @ C:\xampp\htdocs\prova2.5\libraries\joomla\event\dispatcher.php:161
    plgSystemST_Megamenu -> onAfterInitialise() @ C:\xampp\htdocs\prova2.5\libraries\joomla\event\event.php:71
    JHtml :: _() @ C:\xampp\htdocs\prova2.5\plugins\system\st_megamenu\st_megamenu.php:28
    JError :: raiseError() @ C:\xampp\htdocs\prova2.5\libraries\joomla\html\html.php:123
    JError :: raise() @ C:\xampp\htdocs\prova2.5\libraries\joomla\error\error.php:251

    As you can see, i’m building it offline before than an online site.
    On internet i haven’t found any help or solution. I’d like to use that template, if possible.
    Anybody could help me?




    Hi !
    Could you tell me version of template which you have install (free or pro, joomla 2.5 or joomla 3.0)

    Best regards



    hello, anhiminh.. excusme.. I want ask you. I have install the joomla template with specification joomla 3.3.6 with template free st Tyneo. and result from my project like this,

    whould sould I do.. thank regard..



    Hi !
    I’m so sorry you for this delay.
    Please install template with quickstart package, you can refer document install quickstart package in here :

    Best regards

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