Embed Google Map to Joomla site

In this article, i will guide you how to embed Google Map to a joomla module.
Step 1: Editing TinyMCE Setting.
By default, Joomla automatically strips out iframe and some other HTML elements for security reasons. In order to embed google map, you have to disable the filtering of the iframe tag by: Login as admin, chose Extensions-> Plugins-> Editor - TinyMCE-> Prohibited Elements, delele ,iframe embed-youtube1 Step 2: Access to page: google.com/maps and find local you want embed.
Step 3: Click to button Setting at bottom-right of page, chose Share or embed map. A new window open, chose tab Embed map, copy all text in text box. embed-google-map-joomla Step 4: Login in your joomla site Dashboard, create a new module type Custom HTML, click to toggle editor and paste code you have just copy, set other necessary parameter for module. embed-google-map-joomla2 Then click Save & Close. In front end you had a module google map. embed-google-map-joomla3 You also can embed easier when use plugin BT Google Map at site: bowthemes.com/joomla-extensions/bt-google-maps.html