How to create a module Twitter Widget in Joomla

I use template ST Tyneo for example If you have not an account Twitter yet, let create an account. In your Twitter account, chose Settings: twitter-wiget-free-joomla-template1 then chose Widget twitter-wiget-free-joomla-template2Click to Create new twitter-wiget-free-joomla-template3Chose your option: height, theme, link color then click Create widget twitter-wiget-free-joomla-template4 Copy all text in area above text: Copy and paste the code into the HTML of your site twitter-wiget-free-joomla-template5 In backend of Joomla, create a new module, type: Custom HTML, click to Toggle editor, paste all text you have just copy to the text area twitter-wiget-free-joomla-template6 fill other necessary parameter, then click Save. In frontend, you had module Twitter Widget like: twitter-wiget-free-joomla-template7