How to create a multilanguage site in Joomla 3.x

I use template ST Ain for example.
1. Installation a new language
Login as admin, chose Extensions-> Language Manager 1
Click to Installation Language 2
Chose Language you want, for example i installation French, checking to the checkbox and click Install 3 4 Create new Content Language by click Content-> chose New 5 Fill all parameter in to text box. 6then click Save & Close. Chose Extension-> Plugin Manager-> System - Language Filter 7Then click Save & Close
2. Create a language switcher
Chose Extension-> Module Manager-> New-> Language Switcher 8Module display in front-end: 9
 3. Create Menu for language
Chose Menus-> Menu Manager-> Add New Menu, input field for language, then click Save & Close 10   Now, we will create menu items for each menu. Chose Menus-> Main Menu en-GB-> New 11Do the same with Main Menu fr-FR 12 Now, in front end, we already have a module switch language, and our site was a multilingual site 13 4. Switch module 'About me' for example.
a. Login as admin, chose Extension-> Module Manager-> About me-> Menu Assignment 14 b. Login as admin, chose Extension-> Module Manager-> New-> Custom HTML, input field same as module About me, but language is France 15Menu Assignment : 16And our result: 17 18