Changing Text with the Joomla Language Manager

In Joomla 3.x, Using the new Language Override Manager you can now easily change any of the default text on your Joomla site A language string is composed of two parts: a specific language constant and its value. Up to now if you wanted to write your own labels and text messages you needed to actually go to your language folder and replace language strings or in some cases rewrite the entire file. Now with Joomla 3.x there is a built in language string search and change plugin that makes this a relatively simple task. It requires absolutely no knowledge of coding. It doesn't affect the core files, so deleting your changes and reverting back to the original For example, i want to change text Friday, October become Samedi, Octobre language-manager-joomla1   Login as admin, chose Extensions-> Language Manager-> Overrides, click New language-manager-joomla21 In text box in the left of Search button, type text you want change, i will type Friday. In Search, chose Value. Click to Search button, Search Results display, now you see the list, click the one or ones you want to change and the form on the left will be populated with the default value. language-manager-joomla31 Change Friday by Samedi. Click Save and Close. Do a same with October. In front-end, you will see text was change as we want: language-manager-joomla41