Changing Text with the Joomla Language Manager

In Joomla 3.x, Using the new Language Override Manager you can now easily change any of the default text on your Joomla site A language string is composed of two parts: a specific language constant and its value. Up to now if you wanted to write your own labels and text messages you needed to actually go to your language folder and replace language strings or in some cases rewrite the entire file. Continue reading

Embed videos in Joomla

By default, Joomla automatically strips out iframe and some other HTML elements for security reasons. In order to embed videos from popular providers like YouTube and Vimeo, you have to disable the filtering of the iframe tag. This tutorial will cover how to do it for the default Joomla! TinyMCE editor.
Step 1: Editing TinyMCE Setting.
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How to add module positions to a Joomla 3.x template

To view Module Positions in Joomla 3.x, Let's login into your Joomla 3.x administrative dashboard, chose Extensions-> Template Manager-> Options-> Templates-> Preview Module Positions, chose Enabled. Then in front-end, insert ?tp=1 to the end of url site you want see, for example: example/joomla_test?tp=1, you will see all positions in template. Continue reading

Setup reCaptcha in joomla 3.x

ReCaptcha is a very popular captcha plugin. It is in use all across the web. It is a very hight quality tool. To use reCaptcha in your Joomla 3.x site(at here, i use joomla 3.4.0), we will do these step:
Step 1:
Access to site:
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Fix error: Database connection error in joomla

Joomla 2.5 utilizes a database to store a majority of a site's content. For example, you create a new article, the article is written to the database. As the database is vital for Joomla to run, if Joomla cannot connect to your database and access information, you will see database related error messages on your site. Continue reading