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How to use our Related Post plugin

To use plugin Related Post same as: 10-20-2014 7-31-30 PMLogin as admin, Go to Content-> Article Manager-> Your Article-> Publishing-> Meta Keywords, input some keyword here, separated by ',' . Related-post Do the same with articles, which you want related with above article, then all articles have same at least 1 keyword in Meta Keywords will be Relate Post together  

Fix Error can not installation quickstart.zip of Joomla on XAMPP 1.8.3

When installation quickstart.zip of joomla, it hang out at step installation data sample error Here is way to resolved this problem:
1. Open php.ini in folder xampp/php/php.ini
Increase max_execution_time up about max_execution_time=5000
Increase  upload_max_filesize up about upload_max_filesize=8000M
Increase  max_file_uploads up about max_file_uploads=2000.
2. Extract pakage of joomla, open folder: installation-> sql-> mysql, chose a database you want installation as sample data, for example joomla.sql. Replace All: InnoDB by: MyISam and Save. then try installtion again.
font end edting module joomla

Editing module from front-end from Joomla 3.2

You can now edit modules in front-end from Joomla 3.2.

It is easy for users and the one thing you have to do is log in your font end with administrator account.

Then you can edit modules in front-end by hover on this module and you can see a Edit button like in image


How to setup Joomla Quickstart

The quickstart package helps you to re-produce our live demo that we have on our site (www.beautiful-templates.com). It is the recommended way for newbies or if you don’t want to go through the individual setup of each component, module or plug-in

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