ST Gallery WP


This documentation file helps you to understand whole plugin concept and how it works. You should read all sections of the file before start your work. After that you still can't find the solution yet, please leave a ticket on Support system then support agents help your issue.

1: Installing

If you do not have ST Gallery WP on your computer, you can download it here ↓

You will find 'ST Gallery WP' menu in your WordPress admin panel.

2: Update

If you have ST Gallery WP installed, check for updates and download latest version ↓

You will find 'ST Gallery WP' menu in your WordPress admin panel.

3: User interface

This is the user interface after successfully installing the plugin. let's find out through the menus:

In this section I will show you how to add , edit and delete images in gallery. please follow me:


1: Add Images

You can add images from Library, Posts and using image URL

Step 1: Click on tabs "LIBRARY SOURCE" and click on "Library" button

Step 2-1: Select the image and use the keys (Ctrl + click on the image) to select multiple images, click on "Select" to finish.

Step 2-2: If you want to upload photos from your computer, then click on the tab "Upload Files" and then click next to "Select Files" and select the image to upload

This is the image after the selected


1-2: Add Images using Post Source:

Note: your website can slow if you display too lot of images


1-3: Add Images using Images URL:


2: Edit Images


3: Delete Images

Questions 1: How to insert gallery to post, page?


Questions 2: How to insert gallery to widget?

Questions 3: How to using shortcode gallery in file.php?

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