Extensions http://www.beautiful-templates.com Thu, 12 Sep 2013 07:43:41 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb ST Content Showcase - Pinterest Wall http://www.beautiful-templates.com/demo/templates-joomla/st_birdsign/index.php/k2/item http://www.beautiful-templates.com/demo/templates-joomla/st_birdsign/index.php/k2/item ST Content Showcase - Pinterest Wall

ST Content Showcase is a Joomla Module. It helps you to build a page like Pinterest. It is very easy to install & use and support Joomla Article, K2, Local Folder Images, Phoca Gallery, JoomGallery.

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ST Content Slider http://www.beautiful-templates.com/demo/templates-joomla/st_birdsign/index.php/k2/categories/item/10-st-content-slider http://www.beautiful-templates.com/demo/templates-joomla/st_birdsign/index.php/k2/categories/item/10-st-content-slider ST Content Slider

If you need a flexible slider for your site, so ST Content Slider is a best choice for you. It has a simple, semantic markup, support all major browsers and touch devices.

It's easy to create a slideshow from your content Joomla Article, Image Folders, K2, Phocagallery, JoomGallery and Virtuemart.


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Welcome to ST BirdSign Template. http://www.beautiful-templates.com/demo/templates-joomla/st_birdsign/index.php/k2/categories/item/9-welcome-to-st-birdsign-template http://www.beautiful-templates.com/demo/templates-joomla/st_birdsign/index.php/k2/categories/item/9-welcome-to-st-birdsign-template Welcome to ST BirdSign Template.

Welcome to ST BirdSign Template, a amazing joomla templates with pro features. It has flexible layout with 60 module positions, 6 modules styles, 3 font styles and more colors .

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